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Famous or public figure knitters

This made me laugh, but it is oh so true. Too legit, too legit to quit.

Donkey Tees - Funny Cool Offensive T-Shirts


Kindle Screensavers - Quotations and Ideas

True story. I'm pretty sure everyone that has heard me speak more than just a few sentences knows this to be true.

I just get weirder

Nailed It! pinterest and other attempts gone wrong hahaha

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sb-random-13 : theBERRY

Haha...isn't that the truth...

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Amy Laird

I'm absolutely flexible. hah

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Amy Laird

Haha! I like my stickers! :) It's a nice reminder for all the mo's on the road that there is a family inside of the car, plus it helps me find my van in the sea of other mini vans.

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So true. ha!

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tee hee hee, I need this on a t-shirt! JB

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Short girl problems, lol! I also do this when someone taller drives my car. I push the electric button kicking my feet until I touch peddle, lol!

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"I can't keep calm because I have anxiety" shirt

The 30 Most Articulate Shirts Of All Time

Laughed a little too hard at this.

Laughed a little too hard at this

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Grumpy Cat meme #GrumpyCat

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I honestly don't think it would matter what these pictures say, I would still laugh because of grumpy cat.

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So true!

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Ok, that's funny....

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I don;t think I've ever laughed this hard before

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So funny!

Book of Phobias…

Lol so true

Twitter / _LittlePasta: My brother discovered this ...