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Loved by Buenos Aires Locals

Fusing Latin expression and Parisian éclat, Buenos Aires is Argentina’s unpretentiously chic capital federal. From Caballito's philosoph-filled cafes to the expansive green of Plaza Francia, discover what's loved by Porteños, as suggested by Buenos Aires hosts on Airbnb.

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Local flavor: Rustic sophistication. Exclusive private drives, refined lounges, and exposed brick boutiques pepper the streets of Palermo.

Favorite neighborhood: San Telmo. Porteños love this original barrio for its mix of old world treasures, contemporary restaurants, real Argentinians, and visiting travelers.

Where to stay: Sometimes it's nice to escape the structure of the city. Stay in an oasis surrounded by trees and and flora without leaving BA's bounds.

Local flavor: Sidewalk stalls. Outdoor book sales and curbside grocers are common sights in the city.

Local flavor: The making of mate. Best when shared.

Local flavor: Meat. Whether prepared on the street or in the city's trendiest kitchens, Buenos Aires loves to grill, smoke, and serve the most exquisite cuts of beef.

Local flavor: Fútbol. Although pato is actually Argentina's national sport, fútbol steals the hearts of Porteños young and old.

Local hotspot: El Galpón Farmers Market. The market showcases farmers' freshest crops and friendliest conversations.

Local flavor: Villa Crespo's cafe culture. BA locals appreciate Villa Crespo's familial feel. Unpretentious attitudes permeate its cafes and restaurants, many of which were once family homes.

Favorite neighborhood: Palermo. Porteños love to browse Palermo Soho's ceramics scene, brunch the day away in Palermo Hollywood, or find peaceful seclusion in Palermo Chico. When the sun goes down, BA's locals catch up at the city's chicest nightclubs.

Local hotspot: Libros del Pasaje. Debating over espresso in a corner cafe is a favorite pastime in BA. Locals brush up on literature at their trusty, musty independent bookstores.

Where to stay: Color splashes public walls and comfort is paramount in Buenos Aires. Stay in an apartment that showcases both.

Where to stay: Simply sophisticated apartments recall the stylish attitudes of BA's European brethren. Stay in a space with a sprawling rooftop terrace.

Local flavor: Brunching. Buenos Aires locals watch morning turn to afternoon over coffee and snacks at their neighborhood cafes.

Local flavor: Life outdoors. Locals love to prepare for next year's Carnival at Plaza de los Perros in Almagro. The community comes to watch as Murga artists make the musical theatre of tomorrow.

Where to stay: Porteños love to let their spaces speak for themselves. Stay in an unpretentiously sophisticated space in Almagro, a kindly neighborhood and historic center for Tango traditionalists.

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    We stayed in this lovely appartment in BA - one of our favourite memories!

Local flavor: Mornings without the rush. Porteños love simple mornings that begin with La Nación newspaper and a cortado.

Local hotspot: Plaza de Almagro. Almagro's residents treat their favorite plaza's park benches like their living room couch. In BA, locals love to lounge together.

Local flavor: Neighborhood bakeries. Porteños pick their favorite neighborhood bakery. Each spot puts its own spin on flaky medialunas, creamy alfajores, and tender beef empanadas.

Local hotspot: Parque Rividavia. Wandering among Parque Rividavia's shaded reverie makes locals love this place.

Favorite neighborhood: Caballito. Diving into heated debates over Cortázar and Borges at on-the-corner cafes keeps locals in love with Caballito.

Where to stay: Old industrial spaces look cool as they convert into new contemporary residences in BA. Stay in an old printing building that's now a bright and airy Buenos Aires loft.

Where to stay: Buenos Aires claims a long history. Stay in a 100 year old apartment with lots of natural light to illuminate the charming cracks that lend it cinematic character.

Local flavor: Boca Juniors. One of Argentina's favorite fútbol teams, the Boca Juniors, makes their home in the cavernous La Bombonera.

Local flavor: Pasaje Lanín. Setting the precedent for artists to foster neighborhood revitalization, mosaicist Marino Santa María brought public art to Barracas' Calle Lanín. Locals love to pass through what's become an outdoor art gallery.

Where to stay: Puerto Madero maintains scrupulous style. Stay in a studio that embodies its carefully considered taste.

Local hotspot: Puerto Madero's riverwalk. Locals love the salt-of-the-earth aesthetic of aquatic industry along the waterfront.

Local flavor: Generations-old communities. Balvanera's cafes have remained busy since the early 1900s. Today's Porteños chat in nearly the same surroundings their grandparents did.

Local hotspot: Plaza Once. Serving as BA's historic immigrant gateway for decades, Plaza Once's kaleidoscopic array of goods is matched only by its eclectic community.

Local flavor: Tango's roots in Balvanera. From public murals to private radio stations, the look and sound of singer Carlos Gardel permeates Buenos Aires' atmosphere. Gardel put Balvanera on the Tango map and the neighborhood reciprocated by putting him on their buildings.

Local flavor: Manzana de las Luces. Manzana de las Luces, or the Illuminated Block, was constructed during the 1600s by Jesuit missionaries. BA's new generations preserve centuries-old Argentinian traditions through impeccable handiworks.

Local hotspot: Manzana de las Luces. Manzana de las Luces' old-world looks attract plein-air artists hoping to capture it in just the right light.

Local flavor: Plaza de Mayo. BA locals appreciate Plaza de Mayo as a public stage. It's the epicenter for political protests.

Where to stay: Porteños revere residential simplicity in a city with so much color. Stay in a classic 1950s apartment.

Local flavor: Neighborly competition. Porteños love community chess games and healthy stints of competition.

Local flavor: Mate and the morning news. A park blanket, a newspaper, and a cup of mate is all a Porteño needs for a day in the sun.

Local hotspot: Plaza Francia. BA's craftspeople, artists, artisans, and musicians make their weekend homes in Plaza Francia.

Where to stay: Mediterranean moods and European attitudes influence Buenos Aires' spaces. Stay in an apartment with colorful bikes, hanging plants, and painted patio chairs.

Local hotspot: El Galpón Farmers Market. Every Saturday across from Federico Lacroze station, locals find ingredients for this week's dinners at El Galpón Farmers Market.

Local hotspot: Clubes sociales. BA's social clubs provide central hubs for the community to connect.

Local flavor: Pick-up fútbol games. Playing for pride, locals have one goal in mind.

Where to stay: Stay in a neighborhood that reels in fresh fish by morning and enjoys fresh fish dinners by evening.

Local flavor: Bajo Belgrano. There are plenty of fish in the sea and Porteños know how to catch them.

Local flavor: Counter service. Neighbors charlar with ease by the comfort of the countertop.

Local flavor: Los platitos parrilla. Share-worthy in Belgrano.

Favorite neighborhood: Belgrano. Five smaller neighborhoods make up Belgrano, a northern Buenos Aires enrobed in trunks, branches, and twigs. Locals renown it for its lush streetscape and lively demeanor.