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Julia always took care of her dog Toby. But what she didn’t like, was having to take care of her grandfather. He always asked her to cook, to clean, and sometimes he made her take his clothes off.  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Continue this story at:

The "GIFT" of touch! / grandpa and grandson / generations/ photo inspiration/ black and white / family / love

大正初期 文机 勉強机 アンティーク 和家具 昭和レトロ 引き出し_画像2

大正初期 文机 勉強机 アンティーク 和家具 昭和レトロ 引き出し_画像2

MA|UA museum by TRIAS studio honors architect jørn utzon's legacy in sydney

paying homage to danish architect jørn utzon, the building brings to light his archived documents in a public, tactile and richly experiential setting.

A library room with big windows. | 22 Things That Belong In Every Bookworm's Dream Home

Peter Gluck designed this New York library for his wife Carol, a scholar. The lower, windowless part has room to store books while the upper level is a work space with windows that complete slide out of the way.


Wood Home Office Furniture Furnishing Ideas With Glass Windows And High Ceiling Of Eclectic Marrickville House Sydney: Eclectic Marrickville House Sydney by David Boyle Architect

Reading in a bookshelf. :)

This is awesome! We used to make nooks like this in our bedroom closets when we were kids. A perfect place to daydream. The video-game playing kids of today are really missing out!

Plywood Bookshelf | Make Furniture

Perhaps this can be a "crafty" project when it gets warmer and I can work in the garage. Perhaps a son-in-law could craft this for my office.