Foxfire Dobermanns

"Amanda" - Multi Best In Show/BISS Ch Foxfire’s Best To Come Along. Currently one of the top 20 Dobeys in the US. Now that I understand Dobermans, I want another one. Love GSD's, but I think I like the elegance of the Dobermans.


Top 10 Most Obedient Dog Breeds - I like Doberman. I like Fierce breed dogs. Coz they tends to understand what loyalty is about. they are very loyal dogs.

Treuer Freund und Beschützer Dobermann

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Doberman guide

*EDIT This is the info from the old Doberman guide I made: These are all the possible colors that Doberman Pinschers can come in. All Doberman. Doberman Pinscher Coat Color and Anatomy Guide


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Doberman Winter Hat, Warmer, Dog Hat, Dog Clothing, Unisex and All size (CUSTOM)

Lol I have never seen a Doberman wearing a hoody too funny. This is what my "cold nature" Doberman needs!

Beutiful Dobermann *^*

Doberman Pinscher – Loyal and Fearless – Pup Home

I believe Dobies look better with their ears cropped. Its not a cruel thing. Its done as a surgical procedure when they are young puppies. Mine had her ears done and she had no issues with them. The ears turned out to be beautiful.