Nursing humor

thank god for makes a colonoscopy tolerable after the cleanout.

There's no other explanation! #NurseLife

There's no other explanation! just a joke people, as in haha, don't take it personal

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I need this for my patients who say their pain is a ten but the smile on their face has me wondering.

Maybe 12 hours won't do but it's a good start.

12 hrs sleep should do it. this looks just like me on my first day off after a stretch. Gotta get that recovery time in!

Nursing Life

When I call the doctor and he gets snippy with me.

Oh yes! Every time I try to talk to a nurse about a patient they get annoyed

When you lay it all out there:

When you lay it all out there:

When you add "will continue to monitor" to the end of your note for decoration