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dream garden from high mowing organic seeds

This is my dream garden planned with organic seeds from High Mowing Organic Seeds ( and David Austin Roses (
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There is something a little special about white roses – they are all purity and light – and yet really good white roses are rare among English Roses and Hybrid Tea Roses alike. This is because white roses are very difficult to breed. ‘Claire Austin’ bears pleasingly cupped buds of a pale lemon shade which gradually open to form large, creamy-white flowers of typical English Musk delicacy. They have a strong fragrance based on myrrh with dashes of meadowsweet, vanilla and heliotrope.


Claire Austin - Own Root - David Austin Roses

The flowers are beautiful at all stages. They are cupped at first, opening to form large rosettes, filled with many perfectly arranged petals. Their colour is a soft peachy pink. As the blooms open, the outer petals turn back and become a paler shade. There is a delicious fruity fragrance in the Tea Rose tradition.


A Shropshire Lad

Organic Sacred Basil Similar in looks and growth habit to culinary basil, Sacred Basil sets itself apart with its pungent aroma. Sacred Basil deserves recognition for its medicinal properties--used as an adaptagen, expectorant, diaphoretic, antidote to poison, anti-inflammatory, liver protector, stomach ulcer preventative, immune stimulator, air purifier, and oxygenator of the brain. Oscimum sanctum) Days to maturity: 75 days


Organic Non-GMO Seeds - Sacred Basil

Organic Common Sage Leaves can be used fresh or dried in soups, meat dishes, gravies and stuffing. Use ornamental leaf branches in floral wreaths. Beautiful lavender flowers in summer. Likes full sun to partial shade. Direct seed 1/4” deep, thin to a final spacing of 18-24”, after danger of frost has passed. Transplants can be started 4-6 weeks before planting date and planted all summer long. Perennial. 3,400 seeds/oz (Salvia officianalis) Days to maturity: 70 days


Organic Non-GMO Seeds - Common Sage

Organic Triple Curled Parsley Triple curled leaves with an attractive dark green color. We heard about this parsley from several growers before seeing it in Frank Morton’s fields growing next to Moss Curled and Italian Flat Leaf. There we could really see the difference. Just when you thought there was no more room for curls! All on upright stems for easy, clean, and efficient harvesting. 14M seeds/oz (Petroselinum crispum) Days to maturity: 75 days


Organic Non-GMO Seeds - Darki Triple Curled Parsley

Organic Greensleeves Dill A compact, high yielding dill for leaf production. Greensleeves does not bolt as quickly as other dills, such as Bouquet, that are used for both fresh herb, seed head production and cut flowers. This is an excellent variety for market growers and for container cultivation. Dark green leaves are aromatic and pleasingly sweet eaten fresh or dried. Average plant height is 24-30”. 15M seeds/oz (Anthenum graveolens) Days to maturity: 45 days leaf


Organic Non-GMO Seeds - Greensleeves Dill

Organic Brussels Winter Chervil Chervil has flat, light green, lacy leaves, with a flavor somewhere between parsley and anise. It is considered one of the classic French herbes fines. A European standard and very winter hardy. Direct seed in early spring for summer crop or fall for spring crop. Sow seeds ½-1” deep. Grow as baby leaf or full size using 6 seeds/ft in rows 12-18” apart. Hardy annual. (Anthriscus cerefolium ) Days to maturity: 18 days micro, 40 baby, 60 full size


Organic Non-GMO Seeds - Brussels Winter Chervil

Organic Crackerjack Marigold Brightly colored blooms are a mix of orange, yellow and tangerine. Wide 4” blossoms are ruffled and lofty; cheerful pom-poms in various shades of sunshine. Dark green plants with characteristic marigold fragrance grow to approximately 3’ tall. Flowers are also beautiful when dried. Marigolds are often used as a natural pest deterrent, known to repel deer, soil nematodes and many insect pests. Annual. (Tagetes erecta) Days to maturity: 80 days

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Organic Nasturtium Mix A mix of yellow, orange, rose and crimson flowers on trailing plants. Edible flowers and foliage are a gourmet treat reminiscent of peppery watercress in flavor. Long, trailing plants are perfect for hanging baskets, containers or in the garden. Lily pad-like leaves are just as attractive as the bright flowers. Plants will climb if tied to supports but prefer to hang. Vines can reach 10’ long. 200 seeds/oz (Trapaeolum majus) Days to maturity: 60 days

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Organic Dwarf Jewel Mix Nasturtium Brilliant red, orange, salmon, and yellow flowers are boldly displayed upon bushes of thick, green, round leaves. Makes a beautiful border plant. The peppery-tasting edible flowers are exquisite when stuffed with cream cheese or added to salads for color. Direct seed 1” deep and thin to a final spacing of 16”. Can be started as transplants 4-5 weeks before planting date. 200 seeds/oz (Trapaeolum majus) Days to maturity: 60 days

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