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I love when the brothers show their childish sides. Like Dean and the rainbow slinky and Sam right here. They were both forced to grow up too fast and I think it's nice when they get to be children and laugh together and stuff!

Sam, Sammy, Sam Winchester

Sam, Sammy, Sam Winchester -- and all three versions can kill just about anything or anyone

Supernatural fandom

I thought it was another mistake by the writers making soulless people like that but this actually makes sense why Soulless!Sam was less violent and out of control. <<< makes sense

We won that fandom war by a landslide.

Jared's bitchface to Bieber is the best thing ever

"I absolutely love Jared's performance--Sam is always very conscious of his size and if you watch how he approaches people, it is clear that he is deliberately doing a lot with his body language to seem less intimidating. But when he isn't himself, that goes away completely and we see him for the terrifyingly gigantic threat that he could be."

This gives me feels also. I mean after all the good he's done, Sam can still only ever think about the bad, and considers himself an evil freak of nature. You're giving me feels man

Sam is the sass master.

Sam Winchester, Master of Sass next to the oh so love-able Castiel!

That's one of the cutest things I've ever read<<<can i just say that i posted this without realizing that the picture is sam from supernatural. I was very surprised when my post got 2000+ repins, but now it makes sense and i feel stupid.

There's a Supernatural gif for everything.and if Satan looked like that, I wouldn't mind becoming the queen of hell. <<< even if he's in another vessel is still become the queen of hell, because everyone freaking loves Lucifer!

Yeah cause knife licking is so normal, come on sammy

I want to be normal. You're doing a fantastic job, Sammy.


Am *I* Sam Winchester. Also, when I read it I totally mistook "Sam Winchester" for "sandwich.<<<literally same

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Sammy bitchface off - on

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Sam boiled down to his essenc