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cool nail polish flowers DIY

So Cute! These nail polish flowers are absolutely amazing! Love this simple project idea using Nail Polish and Wire! The key is to first cover the wire in glue then paint over with nail polish.

50 Gorgeously Illustrated Typography Quotes To Kickstart Your Creativity – Design School #creativity #inspiration #quotes

Learn the rules like a pro, break them like an artist - Pablo Picasso (Read the full article on unleashing your potential in Mollie Makes Illustration by Steph Says hello

Who knew Snape could rhyme. More

Who knew Snape could rhyme. <<<<Umm, excuse you, don't you remember the Philosopher's Stone, the poem he wrote as a clue for said stone?

My Jem is gone (part 1) ...  Artist behind the idea is imaginingstorms ...      alexander 'alec' lightwood, chairman meow, church, clarissa 'clary' fray, isabelle lightwood, jace herondale, james 'jem' carstairs, simon lewis, comic, the mortal instruments

"my Jem is gone, i want him back." church misses Jem so and goes looking for him, asking all the shadowhunters if they've seen him. This is the cutest thing I've ever seen!

Truth! Use kind words and be kind you never know what another person is facing in there day!

Everyday Lila my mind replays our time together but my heart can't delete none of not done I want to give up but my heart tells me no.please can we go back?