Welcome to this bright flat in Stockholm! It's a perfect black and white mix with some vintage elements. We love the black swing arm lamp as well as the vintage turntable and the original records.

monochromatic books - heaven

I tried to do something similar with a whole bookshelf only containing white books. white books are really hard to find! Design Perfectionist White, black and grey - Todd Waterbury's home

22 Examples Of Minimal Interior Design

22 Examples Of Minimal Interior Design #39

cocolapinedesign.com ODD NUMBERS- as a rule of thumb, things in odd numbers are…



Just look at those packages! Such a pretty way to wrap gifts! This vignette would not be difficult to recreate if you happen to have an old suitcase to use. Cute with fairy lights.

Gorgeous DIY distressed French table!  Want!

It's Just Me: Never Sure How to Start and Some French Beachy Yummy-Ness: (Or, How to make a dumb ol' table look shabby-fabulous when you got turnips for a budget)