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If you have a problem with everyone maybe the problem is YOU! Stop being a cunt, turning your nose up when you walk by and maybe just maybe you'd have some friends! Just a thought! Have a nice day Whore!

Sometimes I want to scream at him that we would still be together if you had treated me properly! The fact is he doesn't know how to and nothing has changed since then. Whoever he brings into his life will be treated the same. In time I will look back and see him for what he is and be glad I made the break, but for now I'll be patient with my feelings and let them catch up with what I know is truth. Narcissist.

This pretty much sums up the process of moving on from someone who was abusive, controlling and played mind games.

I'm always making this bitch mad that's why she says what she says if Only She knew The Real Truth lol

This is definitley one of my fav quotes!!! Becuz my bff just had her heart broken   :(

I do believe in karma and one day it will get to you. You will someday feel what I felt. You will one day experience what you did to me. ~ and I hope you remember what you did to me when it happens

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I'm smiling because i know karmA will bitch-slap you because of what you have done to me! eventually when she finds you. Ohhh shes coming.And You cannot escape my friend karma!

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Truth in black and white. If you feel engulfed by memories and feelings, you have placed too much importance on that other thing/person. It was an obsession, not a feeling.


Co-parent peacefully! Don't drag the kids into it. Love your child more than you hate your ex. *Stop Parental Alienation!