Can't Help Falling In Love With You--Ingrid Michelson...originally by Elvis

Can't Help Falling In Love With You by Elvis. This song will forever hold a place in my heart. Listen the Twenty One Pilots' cover. It made me cry :)


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At the moment music is the only thing that's keeping all of my thoughts together. The only thing keeping my mind from screaming. When the music stops all of the thoughts come flooding back

"But with the beast inside, there's no where we can hide." ~Demons/Imagine Dragons Great for 'A Monster'.

"But with the beast inside, there's no where we can hide."-I love this Imagine Dragons Song!

The beautiful thing about music is getting lost in a song

The beautiful thing is, music can be like a time machine. One song---the lyrics, the melody, the mood---can take you back to a moment in time like nothing else can.

Like a Wrecking Ball by Eric Church... Hands down one of the sexiest country songs ever!

Crash right through the front door, back you up against the wall. Gonna rock you baby like a wrecking ball.

So break me down if it makes you feel right . . . . I'll get back up. ~ Breakdown by Seether

So break me down if it makes You feel right . (I'll get back up.) ~ Breakdown by Seether/Love this song.means so much to me.

Music is the best medicine for everything

Most days I can't even listen to music with lyrics anymore. Most days I want to throw my fucking music off a cliff

Keith Urban Songs - You'll Think Of Me Lyrics Quote | Take Your Memories, I don't need 'em

Keith Urban and Faith Hill - You'll Think Of Me and The Lucky One (Grammy Awards 2006)