This is so amazing... I'm crying!!!!


This is adorable!

For True Love…

i might be crying

True love lasts forever…

Healthy Eating by onemedical #Infographic #Healthy_Eating

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Best trip idea ever

Best trip idea ever…

Do you know about these somewhat "hidden" paths? They're often less crowded and can save you a little time.

Shortcut paths at Disney World

Interesting. .

Disney animations spliced with the actors posing for reference…

Shark Attack Sleeping Bag - 10 Weirdest Sleeping Bags. I like the Shark Attack the best... the cadaver one creeps me out1

10 Weirdest Sleeping Bags (cool sleeping bags) - ODDEE

Save $5,000 in a year

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Wish I could have done this. If kids are grown, still a great idea for grandkids..... Better yet - instead of cash, use savings bonds, they will grow in value and be worth their face value when graduation comes!

Graduation Gift Idea to Start at Birth

♥ reading

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The Harry Potter alphabet. "Snape: personally victimized by shampoo." Still laughing as I type this.

The Harry Potter alphabet

Oh my word, I would crumble

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The world is divided into 2 types of people: Sherlock & Watson. Seriously worth the read. This is so true.

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Find the error, it's impossible / iFunny :)

I had no idea.

National Rose Month: The Meaning of Rose Colors

This is beautiful.

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I've always been curious about their back story

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Omigosh best link everXD all Harry potter tumblr posts

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thestarrs: pneupnurse: yup Why can’t text books put it this simply.  Because most book writers are so familiar with the material that they dont think they are teaching over someones head. This is a great study aid!

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pantone color report: spring 2014

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Oh yes, Criminal Minds

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