Free, Mother's Day Ecard: Sometimes success is just getting the laundry into the dryer before the mildew sets in.

Too much truth.

Trust Vodka funny party dance drunk lol vodka alcohol funny humor funny quote funny quotes--I have heard this lie before

Daily Odd Compliment

daily odd compliment - I have thought about this a million times, and I hope that I have a friend in my life that would know which picture to show

this happens a lot.

I planned to be productive today; then I got up this morning and didn't feel like it. Hahaha every weekend.

Modern Family!

I Waste So Much Time

Funny Modern Family - My favorite moment! You wake up in a frat house with a bad reputation xD

Only one semester left!

Funny College Ecard: Remember kids, college is the only time in which being poor and drunk is acceptable.


Ariel, why do you wear seashells? - Funny joke with prince asking Ariel why is she wearing those seashells: "Because B-shells are too small and D-shells are too big.

big bang theory

Funny pictures about Iconic heart shape. Oh, and cool pics about Iconic heart shape. Also, Iconic heart shape.

too real.

Whenever I start feeling spontaneous, my bank account quietly reminds me to calm the fuck down. Life of a broke, college student.

that face! i cant even.


here are some adorable mug shots of adorable pugs. we accept photos of your pugs. pugs in costumes. pugs in cartoon. pugs in videos. pugs in love. mug pug.

daily odd compliment!

Designer: TBD---sweet wide tracking and overlapping. Also black red and white which is always my jam


SO true. I Love routine. Until I'm bored, then I love excitement. Until I'm overwhelmed, then I love routine.So ME