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Sensible stuff about abuse

I post articles, reports and other stuff that I think people should read if they want to #stopabuse by 2036

Sensible stuff about abuse

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Madonna Revisits NYC Rape in New Essay

Serious Health Consequences to Children Witnessing Domestic Violence

Tell Pope Francis NO MORE recycling Pedophile Priests

Do you have a bystander intervention method?

Do you have a bystander intervention method?

If every parent knew how to prevent child sex abuse then a quarter of us would not be abused.

Can you put a price on a stolen childhood?

Every child should have the right to a safe home to grow up in.

5 ways to help someone who is being abused by an intimate partner

See the Triumph - Blog

Resident Guru, 'Ask Lala' Talks Daycares and Nannies #stopabuse

Of the 247 children counseled at Hope House last year, only five of them did not know their abuser.

Connecticut School Shooting Statement #stopabuse

8 out of 10 substance abusers were abused as children. Let's win the war on drugs by stopping the abuse that causes people to take them.

bullying #stopabuse

According to the #CDC's 2009 Data: The number of new #HIV cases among young black #gay and #bisexual men has increased 48 percent between 2006 and 2009. A similar trend is occurring among this same population of young men with the #sexually transmitted infection, syphilis. Data showed the rates of syphilis doubled in 27 states over a three-year period among men 15 to 29. These results were released in August 2011. There is a huge correlation between HIV and child sexual abuse.

Take a stand. #Anti-Bullying #Giving Re-pin if you agree with this image!

How we feel about Child Sexual Abuse. #stopabuse

Infographic – American Attitudes Towards Child Sexual Abuse

How do we feel about child sexual abuse? #stopabuse

A regular column of readers questions answered by Lala Fogarty to #stopabuse

The Real Heroes at Penn State

James Eagen Holmes joins roster of mass murderers, leaving us to ask, why? | Washington Times Communities

Guarding the monster's lair: Jerry Sandusky and the Penn State cover up | Washington Times Communities

An end to silence: Child sex abuse victims speaking out | Washington Times Communities

Penn State, Tear Down That Statue To Shame