sewing tutorial list

sewing tutorial list - HUGE list of links to every sewing project you can think of!

how to bind a quilt

AWESOME instructions on how to bind a quilt.especially corners! for when i finish hand quilting my quilt.

How to make an easy quilt in one night

How to make an easy quilt in one night. A simple twist on the "rag quilt". Lay your 3 squares on your background piece of flannel using a glue stick! (First draw a 4 square grid with washable pen). Sandwich underneath that, some batting and anot.



for the boys beds...different colors/same concept

Good idea to inspire a pieced quilt back Bijou Lovely: lovely designs: modern baby quilt.

Glass-front quilt cabinet

Old Cupboard.with shelves of old quilts. I like this idea for blanket storage, as long as the blankets are pretty.

Tutorial for stitching with no knots or tails

No knot, no tail-a basic sewing trick that I never knew, but now will always use! How to start your handstitching with no knot and end with no tail

Easy triangles

Molly Flanders: An Even Easier Arrow. I like this simple method. And after reading a bit HST means Half Square Triangles. Future reference anyway.

Different ways to bind a quilt.

Red Pepper Quilts: Binding Tutorial machine stitch binding to quilt TOP then stitch from the BACK.

Another pinner wrote:  This is THE video that taught me how to bind my quilts. For all beginners, I think this is a must view.

This is THE video that taught [the original pinner] how to bind quilts. For all beginners, this is a must view.

suppose to be some genius quilty tips here...look at later...still snowing in april and i'm getting under a warm blanket and cuddling = )

Pin now, read later. Prev pinner said: "I was speechless reading this tutorial! The ingenious simplicity of it will blow your quilting mind! Thank you to the genius that came up with it!" Pinning now to read later

quilting chart

Handy Quilting Size Chart - how many blocks of what size sew up for which bed size?