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Cool stuff

Cool stuff

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sailor moon and friends

Aaaaand, while I'm posting Sailor Moon fan art, this is stunning.

Usagi by T s u r u

9 guardians

Neo Sailor Serenity


Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

Black Lady

Awesome Sailor Moon art

Sailor Moon Black Lady Wicked Lady

♥ SAILORMOON ♥ (Black Lady & Queen Nehelenia)

The psychology of color -- great for branding

True Colors Infographic

built-in hammock in the deck. Amazing!!!

So sweet.

solar power

Jellyfish lights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Android 18 (from Dragonball Z) cosplay #DragonBallZ #cosplay

Disney Girls!

gift-wrapping idea for treats!!

A list of drug-store make-ups that are duplicates of department store brands.

Walk-On-Me Plant is a creeping thyme that grows only 3" tall. (Also called Mother of Thyme). Plant around flagstones or for a decorative, dense-growing ground cover. Walk on it and the whole area will be filled with the aromatic smell of fresh thyme. It grows well in partial shade to full sun and hard-to-plant areas. Spreads rapidly. Has small evergreen leaves and clusters. Plant 6-12" apart. Field grown plants. Deer Resistant and attracts butterflies.

"This is a recorded sound-wave of my sister saying a quote by the artist Rob Montgomery: 'The people you love become ghosts inside of you and like this you keep them alive.'"

Disney Princesses in accurate period costume.