I don't pretend to be anything I am not. Except for sober, I 've pretended to be sober a few times.

Food lol

If Your Food Told the Truth, Here Are 10 Things It Would Say to You. This is way to funny. Except for the peanut butter.


hot potato Get it, get it guys. It's funny because there's a song about a hot potato. And we just got called a potato. And well .

The It’s Not What It Looks Like Collection

The It’s Not What It Looks Like Collection cute animals dogs cat cats adorable dog puppy animal pets funny pictures funny animals funny pets funny dogs. The husky in the toilet wins it all

This is so weirdly accurate.

Funny Reminders Ecard: Growing up I always thought quicksand was going to be a much bigger problem than it turned out to be.


Let us out, Daddy…

So funny, but also sweet when the older brother tries to protect his younger sibling from the water.

Clothing/Baseball T-shirt: Since God Created Man & Man Created Disney. Disney is Like a Gift from God Baseball T-shirt


20 Things That Will Make You Say NOOOOOOO!

20 Things That Will Make You Say NOOOOOOO! The shopping cart one is my favorite. I love how the guy just sits down and seems to be done with life


My life. Nothing worse than having to wake up on a Sunday morning having to clean up the carnage left behind by another wild Saturday night lmao

Holiday Gift Giving Guide: Step 1 - Cut a hole in a box. Step put your d*ck in the box. Step have her open the box.