Angelica Kaschubowski

Angelica Kaschubowski

Angelica Kaschubowski
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DIY Christmas Ornaments Wreath

This Christmas Bauble Wreath is very EASY and INEXPENSIVE to make decoration. Why not to Craft your own Christmas. The post The Perfect DIY Christmas Bauble Wreath With Metal Hanger appeared first on The Perfect DIY.

The Homestead Survival | Rice Shoulder Heating Pad, with Lavender Project |

craftyendeavor Crafty Endeavor website shares how to make a relaxing rice shoulder heating pad that has soothing lavender sewn inside to .

Käsekuchen - German Cheesecake

Käsekuchen - German Cheesecake This wonderful and creamy German Cheesecake is very light and each bite melts in your mouth. It is not too sweet. This is a dessert that always gets many wonderful compliments. I'm drooling . I LOVE German Cheesecake!

French Toast Roll-Ups -- simple and easy to personalize for everyone at breakfast!

to ] Great to own a Ray-Ban sunglasses as summer gift.French Toast Roll-Ups. Fill them with whatever you want but I like cream cheese or Nutella with diced strawberries on top. Fun for a brunch finger food.