Kindergarten Schmindergarten ---so many good ideas for organization!

Kindergarten Schmindergarten

Personalized game pieces to use with all of your classroom games!

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marbles hot glued onto magnets...for who has turned in work

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Teach123: Brain Breaks

Teach123 - tips for teaching elementary school: Brain Breaks

Kindergarten writing center using student names, Kindergarten fine motor

Mother's Day Edition: Fine Motor Friday!!

Dr. Jean's, "Animal Chant" (encourages oral language, tracking from left to right, rhyming)

Dr. Jean & Friends Blog: ANIMAL CHANT

Soooooo many cute ideas here.

Dr. Jean & Friends Blog: THE PRESIDENT'S SONG

Cause and Effect

Swimming Into Second: cause and effect

my crazy life in kindergarten: Anchor Charts and Circle Maps

my crazy life in kindergarten: Anchor Charts and Circle Maps

101 Websites That Every Elementary Teacher Should Know About

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Sight word activity- put a pile of cut up sight words face down, as you turn a word over find the word on the sheet and mark it with a dot.

The Moffatt Girls

Laura Candler's main Pinterest page with over 30 educational boards - mostly free resources! Repin this to one of your own boards, and it will be easy to find Laura's teaching resources!

Laura Candler (lauracandler)

cute Thanksgiving line up chant

First Grade O.W.L.s

Deanna Jump great site

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The First Grade Parade

We're Going on a Vowel Hunt! Download this free vowel flag activity along with 3 differentiated recording sheets to go on a vowel hunt on your word walls and around your room. Children can color in the vowels and also record the words directly on their flags. Send them home for a home-school connection.

Kathy Griffin's Teaching Strategies

interactive venn diagrams

Lesson Plan SOS

Zoom Game - free cards.

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Kindergarten line study

Wild Wild West!

Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten

Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten


"My Place in the World:" Kids Geography Project

I THINK I JUST DIED!!!! 1/4 cup sugar, 1/2 teaspoon of food coloring, baking sheet and 10 mins in oven to make edible glitter....

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Types of Clouds Project

What we are working on this week!

5 DIY bird feeders

Five Ways to Feed the Birds ... or squirrels - Play Dr Mom