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three bottles with charms hanging from them on a shelf
Liquor Bottle Wind Chimes, Glass Chimes, Clear Liquor Bottle With Sun Pendant, Outdoor Patio Decoration, Unique Gifts for Men, Gifts for Dad - Etsy
a glass bottle with beads hanging from it's side
a wine bottle wind chime hanging from a tree in the grass with leaves and flowers on it
Hand made wine bottle wind chime
Hand crafted wine bottle wind chime. Bottle top is hand etched all the way around and includes beautiful blue stained glass teardrops at the bottom. Messures 22" long. One of a kind piece. Looks great hanging inside or out. Blue, green and amber beads really makes this piece pop with color. I've put many hours into this item in order to make it perfect for any home. Hope the lucky buyer has many years of enjoyment in this piece.
an empty glass bottle sitting on top of a wooden table next to a beaded string
How To Make A Wine Bottle Wind Chime
two pictures showing the different parts of a chain and a wooden heart hanging from chains
How to Make a Wine Bottle Wind Chime in a Few Simple Steps
a large blue bottle hanging from the side of a tree in front of some rocks
Wine Bottle Wind Chime
Wine Bottle Wind Chime
how to make dragonfly with wire and nail polish
How to Make a Dragonfly Out of Wire
how to cut a glass bottle with great results every time
How to Cut Glass Bottles (The BEST way)
four empty bottles with chains attached to them on a white sheeted surface, one has a wooden heart and the other has a green glass bottle
How to Make a Wine Bottle Wind Chime in a Few Simple Steps
three metal sculptures sitting on top of some rocks