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Richard Saunders en plein travail dans son pays imaginaire pour un de ses géants minous :-)

The Topiary Cat / These are photographic works of art created by a surrealist artist, Richard Saunders. They cannot be visited as they do not exist as real topiary.

The Topiary Cat and his Master visit Hatfield House.

Surrealist Richard Saunders created a awesome photo-montage series depicting his real-life cat Tolly as a giant topiary kitty. The Topiary Cat depicts Tolly as a serene, green giant who lives the life.


Richard Saunder's cat Tolly is only a memory. But his image has endured, transformed into surreal art by Saunder's vision of a fantasy world inhabited by a magnificent topiary feline.

Art-Monie: RIchard Saunders "Topiary Cat"

The Topiary Cat is a surrealist photographic montage series based on my cat, Tolly.