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Beautiful backyard garden inspiration for your home! Creative gates for a gorgeous entryway into a yard or flower garden. Lovely tour of homes. - Gardening And Patio

Living room plant display.

I'm waiting for a friends spider plant to have babies so I can get one, so wonderfully - Living room plant display.

The Oxford Union Library, Oxford, Great Britain

lalibrairie: The Oxford Union Library, Oxford, United Kingdom On the walls are Pre-Raphaelites murals, painted by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones. It also has a unique clerestory (Wikipedia will tell you all about it here).

A.D.A. White Library, Cornell University

NY - A. White Library at Cornell. I loved prowling along the metal walkways looking for great old books. I was reading Virginia Woolf, English history, and lots of women's poetry at the time.