Eggs-natural.  No dyes needed. would be great to do this with empty eggs for ornaments!

My grandma always dyed eggs with onion peels--that's how they did it back in the day! We made some last year but struggled with keeping the onion peel on the egg. This looks like an easier alternative.

tent of scarves!!

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Como menú saludable de halloween una sandia semipelada que luzca como un cerebro. #DecoracionHalloween

Get the Free Book: Halloween Food (Instructables Halloween) watermelon brain recipe carving decoration party idea

Everything made out of denim on this site

Bowl made from denim spirals. Recycle your denim! Finnish craft magazine organized a competition about denim recycling.

leaf cuffs

It's no longer available, but I think I could make this with plether (and some pretty embroidery etc) for my Elf character.

The Wet Look - warm up a little bit of Vaseline and mix it with some eyeshadow. Mermaid Costume eyes! Woah

Look Eyeshadow! "The 'Wet Look' for eyeshadow is really trending right now! Although it’s not always practical, it can be unique and pretty for special events! All you need is to warm up a little bit of Vaseline and mix it with some eyeshadow.

Dishfunctional Designs: Dreamy Bohemian Bedrooms: How To Get The Look // Add a sheer curtain stitched from old linens, scarves, or lace

Wee mouse tin house

Wee Mouse Tin House PDF pattern by mmmcrafts on Etsy kids- adorable!

DIY felt & foam camera cozy with mushrooms!

A camera cozy: felt, paperfoam (for extra protection) and mini crochet mushrooms to top off! Instructions in pictures. thanks so xox

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