Amazing padlock from the 1800s

Original Antique Skull & Cross Bones Lock~What mermaid doesn't need a lock for her treasure chest.


Inspiration Factors -Creative -Bold -Fun -Dark I love this inventive idea! Very creative and different. The idea here is a combination of a deck/garden chair and a goth skull style.

Ballerina in a Death's Head

"Ballerina in a Deaths Head" 1939 - Salvador Dali - From death, there's life. I'd love to have this as a tattoo.

snow skull

Skull Snow Sculpture Hahah would be fun to make :) with a santa hat hahah

The Kiss By Vexta // Kissing skeletons by female Australian street artist Vexta at the Cans Festival, Leake Street, London.

She's a creeper.

What a strange photo of a little girl holding a skull. I wonder if this was part or around the same time as death photos?