Pompeo Batoni, Portrait of a lady,1785. New Haven, Yale Center for British Art

Pompeo Batoni - Portrait of a Woman, traditionally identified as Margaret Stuart, Lady Hippisley 1785

Elizabeth Cahrlotte d'Orleans,Duchesse de Lorraine by Jean-Baptiste Martin,c.1710-15

jaded-mandarin: Elizabeth-Charlotte d’Orléans, princesse de Commercy duchesse…

▴ Artistic Accessories ▴ clothes, jewelry, hats in art - Tilly Kettle | Portrait of Anne Howard-Vyse, 1780

history-of-fashion: “ 1780 Tilly Kettle - Portrait of Anne Howard-Vyse ”

Pastel, portrait de Nicole Ricard enfant par Maurice Quentin de La Tour (1704-1788

Brunswick - Young child coat must be from the early - Pastel, portrait de Nicole Ricard enfant par Maurice Quentin de La Tour

muscovycompany:  Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna (1819–1876) of Russia by Christina Robertson. She is 2nd child of Nicholas I of Russia & Alexandra Feodorovna (born Charlotte of Prussia). She married Maximilian Joseph Eugene Auguste Napoleon de Beauharnais (1817-1852), 3rd Duke of Leuchtenberg, Bavaria. He is 2nd son of Eugène de Beauharnais & Princess Augusta Amalia Ludovika Georgia of Bavaria.

1841 Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaievna, daughter of Nicholas I and Alexandra Fyodorovna and grandaughter of Louise de Prussia and Maria Feodorovna. By Christina Robertson (Hermitage) head and bodice

Michel Pierre Hubert Descours (French, 1741–1814) «Portrait of Elizabeth de la Vallee de la Roche» 1771.  Wonderful details in this painting!

Michel Pierre Hubert Descours (French, «Portrait of Elizabeth de la Vallee de la Roche

Voille, Jean-Louis (1744c.-1803c.) - 1792-93 Portrait of Princess Anna P. Gagarina

Princess Anna Petrovna Lopukhina-Gagarina (Russian: Анна Петровна Лопухина) November 1777 – 25 April was a royal mistress to Emperor Paul of Russia. In She replaced Catherine Nelidova as the chief mistress. by Jean-Louis Voille,

Fitzwilliam Museum Collections

Mrs Mary Fisher, 1816 by John Constable, British artist, - beautiful dress details and jewelry

1777 Portrait of François de Chambrier by Pompeo Batoni. London, Moretti Fine Arts

1771 Pompeo Batoni - François de Chambrier, chamberlain of Frederick II the Great, King of Prussia