5th and state: How to add IMPACT to your Gardens

How to add IMPACT to your Gardens


9 DIY Herb Garden Ideas

9 DIY Herb Garden Ideas


Window flower box

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DIY Decorative Garden Balls

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Having a small backyard shouldn't stop you from growing any kind of produce that you want! There are plenty of solutions for backyard gardening and a trellis and raised garden box combination is a great example. Cucumber, snap peas, green beans, tomatoes… ah, just think about that fresh organic food you can grow in a small area! Another huge advantage of this system is that it makes harvesting a breeze.

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Temporary Extension Cord Protection - If you're having a party or some other event in the yard and you need additional electricity sources, here's a great way to keep extension cord plugs dry. Cut notches in the opposite sides of a reusable plastic container and snap on the lid. Your plugs will stay dry if it happens to rain or the ground is moist.

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Cool idea for a little garden spot.

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A list of perennial herbs, vegetables, fruits and legumes. Plant your garden once and you'll save time and money.

Plant These Edibles Once and Eat Them Forever


I love them.... Just not in my garden. ~ How to keep bunnies out of the garden.

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10 Garden Mosaic Projects • Lots of Ideas & Tutorials!

10 Garden Mosaic Projects | The Garden Glove


How to Make Mosaic Garden Projects | Midwest Living ~ i see a whole kitchen counter top made like this.....

How to Make Mosaic Garden Projects


The Garden Geeks Favorite container spillers - 1. Purslane 2. String of Pearls 3. Deadnettle 4. Dwarf Morning Glory 5. Fan Flower 6. Pilea 7. Calibrachoa 8. Licorice Vine 9. Sweet Potato Vine 10. Bacopa 11. Ivy 12. Lobelia 13. Nasturtium 14. Nemesia 15. Petunia 16. Torenia 17. Verbena 18. Vinca 19. Zebrina 20. Alternanthera 21. Creeping Jenny 22. Moss Rose 23. Sedum 24. Dichondra

The Garden Geeks Favorite Spillers


Planters made from plastic PVC tubes and mosaic tiles.

Outdoor Ideas!


Flower pots for around the pool, love the sweet potato!

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Mosaic Garden Stones

- BeezMap


Gallon of water, 1 chopped onion add to gal of water. let it sit under the sun for 3days and spray it over your veg plants, n flowers to keep bugs from eating the leaves. I personally used it on the lawn and around the windows n doors to keep the bugs n mosquitoes away and it worked. I read this in magazine from old sturbridge village. Cant recall what year

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Plant lemongrass and rosemary in pots, containers or in flower beds on your balcony or in your garden to have a mosquito free summer! You can use them as herbs in cooking as well. Remember to brush them to release more of their fragrance before your outdoor activity.

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20 Easy Projects to Transform Your Home This Year


Make mosaic garden rocks to add a pop of color to the garden. We'll show you how to glue the tiles and mix the grout. A great DIY mosaic project for anyone!

Mosaic Garden Rocks: How To Make Garden Mosaics


How to Add Whimsy to Your Garden! • Learn how to add whimsy to your garden and check out these great ideas to make your garden a place people want to come back to!

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hanging shell planter 1

Astonishing Sea Shell Planter Ideas to Show Off Plants


tire-rim-to-hose-holder.jpg (600×968)

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Checkout 19 best pergola plants for your garden. These climbing plants for pergolas and arbors can also be grown in small gardens easily

19 Best Climbing Plants for Pergolas and Trellises


Use cement or stone bricks to edge your garden — the lawn mower can cut right up to the edge! | 41 Cheap And Easy Backyard DIYs You Must Do This Summer

41 Cheap And Easy Backyard DIYs You Must Do This Summer


(1) Tropicanna® Black cannas, (2) Colocasia esculenta ‘Black Magic’, (3) Aeonium 'Zwartkop', (4) Rudbeckia fulgida var. sullivantii 'Goldsturm', (5) Plectranthus 'Lemon Twist', (6) Ipomoea 'Sweet Caroline Purple', (7) Calibrachoa 'Callie Orange', (8) Ipomoea 'Sweetheart Purple' and (9) Coleus 'Sky Fire'.

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