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Camping With Kids

Camping With Kids

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CAMPING MENU IDEAS: Cinnamon-Orange campfire breakfast, Hobo packs, Banana boats, Pizza sandwiches, Tomato soup & dumplings, Campfire ‘baked’ potatoes, Baggy omelets, Blueberry-Orange campfire breakfast {Each with directions for making!}

Edible campfire

cooler corn link. cooler is wiped clean, then filled with the shucked ears. Next, two kettles-full of boiling water are poured over the corn and the top closed. Then nothing. 30 minutes later, open it, corn perfectly cooked. Another Pinner says: corn will remain at the perfect level of doneness for a couple of hours.

Tent Camping With Foam Floor Tiles | A Little Campy

Tacos in a bag camping recipes for kids

  • Trista Shah
    Trista Shah

    Word of warning, in my experience this does not work as well as one might hope. Although my experience was with someone making one at a concession stand and the meat was too hot and there was too much meat and cheese, so those things can be altered if you do it yourself.

  • Krista Dulaney
    Krista Dulaney

    Ooh I've one from a concession stand and i thought it was yummy. Frito taco in a bag. I'll keep that in mind though!

  • Trista Shah
    Trista Shah

    It was definitely yummy. The problem eas my inability to hold it because it was so hot and the mess.

  • Angela Bailey
    Angela Bailey

    We call them poor Nan's tacos!

  • Angela Bailey
    Angela Bailey


If you're camping...Rub petroleum jelly over a bunch of cotton balls...then store in ziplock bag..Then when your ready to make a fire pull a few cotton strands out then place under your wood then light your cotton ball..instant fire starter ----- Good to know for fire pits too! :)

Just looking at these Camfire Cones {could be done on the grill} makes me hungry! Uh, yum!

Camp Fire Food: Fruit & Smore Cones - Kids Activities Blog

Edible Camp Fire/Camp Fire Safety

camping activities for kids

What to do when Camping - Kids Activities Blog

Cotton swabs dipped in wax become instant campfire starters. Lightweight. Great for backpackers. -- Whaaaat? Genius.

Make your own "mess kit" bag for camping instead of using disposable plates and cups.

Easy Fire Starters

Helpful tips for camping with kids!

Pre-prepped camping food

genius! a spice solution for camping!

64 camping recipes

For camping - Keep matches in a mason jar with sandpaper on top lid for striking.

Camping Activities

Camping TP