So gibt's schnell Ordnung in jeder Schublade.

32 DIY Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Organize your crafty stuff with a ribbon holder. #crafts #getorganized

19 Smart Solutions for Around the House

Organize your crafting by making a ribbon holder out of a slotted plastic bin and wooden dowels.

DIY ribbon holder

The Cottage Home: DIY Ribbon Holder Tutorial The house I bought last summer has several wooden paper towel holders hanging up or in a closet, probably purchased them in bulk? Such a great way to organize bias tape or ribbon!

Ordnung auf dem Dachboden

Many times the attic room is overlooked when you run out of room in your home and need more storage space. Creating well-planned attic storage will help you reduce clutter. The attic storage space depends on a home's style and when it was built.

Habe ich ausprobiert: es funktioniert SUPER!!!

Frischer Duft im ganzen Haus - DIY Lufterfrischer - DIY-creation