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Sirius Black, sitting in shock for all of three hours, thinking about good, kind, honest James and sweet Lily and poor little Harry. Sirius Black, begging Hagrid to let him care for his godson, barely regestering what he's doing because of the still present shock. Sirius Black, not giving himself proper time to mourn before going after the person who had betrayed his best friend. Sirius Black, off to Azkaban with nothing but regrets because it's his fault that Harry no longer has a family.

:'( Sirius having regrets about persuading them to use Peter for the secret keeper job. Sirius missing his family.


If Dramione was real there would never be Rose and Scorpius because they would have been brother and sister - so now I can write fanfiction that's Canon and Rose loves scorpious or go the other way and write some cute family fanfiction :)

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I glared at the lifeless body of Weasel, "Back off Weasel, she's mine." --- Takes place after the war. Everyone in Hogwarts (Students, teachers, etc.) are still alive. Ranked in the top 200 several times :) Thank you!

yes! I reacted just like that!! :D Okay, maybe not quite that ridiculously, but close.

That is extremely accurate - I ship Dramione I mean I love that Ron and Hermione ended up together but a draco and Hermione makes more sense to me and it always will

Before Draco gets sent to Azkaban he asks to see Hermione

Draco asks to see Hermione one last time before going to Azkaban. This is not actually happen (draco didn't go to azkaban), but this pic broke my heart.