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Whatever you put on your skin, you should also be able to ingest. After all your skin is your largest organ, treat it well!

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Three ways to make your own elderberry remedy

Building Your Medicine Chest: Elderberries


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This is probably not the prettiest pin, but I'm all about education.

What Your Poop and Pee Are Telling You About Your Body - Kimberly Snyder

Nursing Health Tips

Your Nurse First - Maintaining Your Health (Infographic)

Make Your Own Antibiotic Tea ~ Powerful & Delicious!

Cold and Flu Remedies for the Whole Family!

DIY cloth diaper wipe spray

DIY cloth diaper wipe spray


Turmeric Milk The Perfect Night Time Relaxant | Look Good Naturally

6 Ways to Treat Growing Pains Naturally

Growing Shouldn't Be a Pain: Treat Growing Pains Naturally

The EXACT bath bomb recipe base used by LUSH! Simply customize with your favorite color, shape, and scent. Pin now, make later!!

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Everyday Oils Make-n-Take

Everyday Oils Make-n-Take

Homemade jewelry cleaner - I tried this and it worked great - no messy rubbing with a cleaner, just soak

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Natural Underarm Lightening Scrub and mask for soft, smooth and white armpits

Natural Underarm Whitening Scrub - ♥ IndianBeautySpot.Com ♥

DIY: Lavender Jasmine Sugar Scrub · Bath and Body | - Oh me oh my! This sounds DIVINE!

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DIY Hair Growth Oil - It's a love/love thing

Homemade Miracle Foot Powder made with Essential Oils. No More Stinky Feet! Enjoy cute free printable labels for gifts.

Miracle Foot Powder - No More Stinky Feet!

DIY spa infographic for Dry Skin - bath bombs, salt scrub, sugar scrub, body wash

DIY Shower & Bath Spa Recipes

Recipe for Stinky Dog Spray by Unskinny Boppy



Homemade Vicks VapoRub - Cold and Flu Season Recipe

sunscreen made with essential oils

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Home Made Coffee Tanning Spray. Smells so good, and leaves your skin with a nice glow

The Country Vegan: Home Made Coffee Tanning Spray

[ DIY Skin Salve - Sandalwood and Rose ] Using Jojoba oil, beeswax, sandalwood essential oil, rose geranium essential oil. ~ from the Monterey Bay Spice Company recipe archives.

Recipe - Sandalwood and Rose Skin Salve ~ from MB Spice Co

Lash Lengthening Serum w/ Essential Oils (www.kellysessenti...) You have nothing to lose with making this serum. Even if it doesn’t lengthen your lashes, it will nourish your delicate hairs and protect them from falling out. I don’t think anyone can spare eye lashes! IT WORKS!

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How to Thicken and Lengthen Your Eyelashes Naturally | Six Sisters' Stuff

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Have you ever wondered why you get a spot exactly at a particular location on your face? Your face is like a mirror of the body & mind. What is your face telling you? Source:

Be Beauty Smart: Face Map - What's your acne telling you?

Homemade Beard Oil - The Elliott Homestead