Dressing up like a princesses?

"Disney" by catching-fire. Ariel: I like her shoes and earrings. Belle: I like the whole outfit. Aurora: shoes and bag. Cinderella: shoes and bag. Rapunzel: shoes and sweater.

Disney Outfits, would easily wear all of these!

Disney Outfits For the Seven Dwarfs have you seen this? It made me think of you the second I saw it! Love the Snow White Outfit!

DIY: paper wheels backdrop

DIY: paper wheels backdrop, using Christmas scrapbook papers these would be fabulous hung from ribbon or string in our front room window

Ruby red slippers from a Wizard of Oz party #wizardofoz #partyfavors

Wizard of Oz Birthday Party Ideas

Gracie is SOOO gonna have a wizard of oz party when she is older! Ruby red slippers from a Wizard of Oz party.