Amanda Kunzeman

Amanda Kunzeman

Grayslake, Illinois
Amanda Kunzeman
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When Jessie Came Across the Sea: good go-along for learning with American Girl doll Rebecca. Eastern European immigration.

When Jessie Came Across the Sea by Amy Hest When a young girl from a poor eastern European village learns that she must leave her beloved grandmother for a new life - and a new love - in America, they both feel that their hearts will break.

Thy Word: Preparing for "Rebecca" American Girls

Meet Rebecca (American Girl Collection Series: Rebecca This is the Little's pick, currently being read in Braille. She's a huge fan of American Girl!

PE Poster: Activities that can improve your Muscular Endurance

This colorful "Muscular Endurance" PE Activities poster identifies 8 different muscular endurance activities that can be performed by an elementary school aged student at school or at home.

STRETCH OUT THOSE MUSCLES!!!This colorful Top 10 Flexibility Exercises poster identifies 10 different stretching exercises that are typically performed in a physical education class. The poster includes a corresponding action-based stretch movement image for each movement that will help your students easily relate.

Here is a chart of 10 Flexibility Exercises that students can look at when warming up their muscles each day. Having this poster in the gym or classroom allows them to have a guide when they are warming and cooling down their muscles.