used to scribe a cut line precisely to your too wavy wall.

How to make sure you shelf fits your wavy wall. Precision Scribes - Woodworking Techniques - American Woodworker what a great idea

Corner shelves

Corner shelves, I love how you can use small corner space. I don't like a shelf facing only one side in the corner and a tall bookcase would eat up the space around.

PVC pipe and wood bracket mounted t pegboard for storage

PVC pipe and wood bracket mounted to pegboard for storage in garage. Notice the holes drilled into the top of the wood: you can use this basic "plate" to customize any kind of bracket, holder, etc. for pegboard.

Backyard Decks: Build an Island Deck - Step by Step | The Family Handyman

Backyard Decks: Build an Island Deck Built with composite decking and hidden fasteners, this maintenance-free backyard deck is designed to go together fast and to fit in anywhere in the yard, without footings or ledger boards.

Rollers Ease Plywood Storage

Rollers Ease Plywood Storage Before I installed these rollers, sliding plywood in and out of my storage rack used to wear me out. It also damaged the edges of the sheets. Now plywood sheets glide in and out.I cut the rollers from har

Bandsaw Table System - The Woodworker's Shop - American Woodworker

Bandsaw Table System - The Woodworkers Shop - American Woodworker bandsaw projects woodworking diy

Hinged Frames Give Broad-Based Support - Woodworking Shop - American Woodworker

Hinged Frames Give Broad-Based Support - Woodworking Shop - American Woodworker [legs for party table!

Build this for corner bathroom mirrors! Would still show mirrors and be easy to build with square pieces

- This unique corner wall-mount shelf has a fun and artsy design that will add to any wall decor you have. Five shelves are lined up on this walnut veneer piece on opposite sides, forming a corner shelf on both walls. It's both unique and stylish.http

Video: French Cleat Blade Storage Rack - by JSB @ ~ woodworking community

In my ongoing quest for a more organized shop I decided to put together a saw blade storage rack. It is another French cleat rack like my finishing supply rack and square holder. I'm totally sold on t

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