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So excited and proud to show off the new look of Corina Nielsen Photography & Designs!  It's a project I have been working on for at least 2 months now and figured today, my birthday, was the best date to unveil it.  This has been a collaborative project between myself, my husband, and BOTH of…

Corina Nielsen Photography & Designs: Part 1- The new look!

MOO min cards - 10 different designs including favorite quotes, business info., and sweet messages to clients.

DIY: 35mm Film Slide Business Cards 35mmfilmslidebusinesscards 6

DIY: 35mm Film Slide Business Cards

Top 10 Creative And Inexpensive DIY Business Or Calling Cards - Top Inspired

Cool and creative Business Cards | PrintBench

Visual Identity Branding - so if I am not a sommelier, it is bad form to hand out business cards with wine stains, right? ******with tea stains*****

hand-made & home-made Awesome business cards

Great-looking hand made and hand stamped business cards by The Awesome Project, a creative duo exploring the world of hand crafted and designed porcelain. Boost your business by learning how to create an excellent business card design.

How To Design The Best Business Card

How To Design The Best Business Card

Create memorable business card, understand how to properly present your card, and a few basic international etiquette tips to help you avoid a few known faux pas.

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