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Home Buyer Resources

Thinking of buying a home? Here are ideas to save you time and money on your next home purchase.

Home Buyer Resources

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Is it Worth Paying Points On a Mortgage? - When financing a home purchase or refinancing a current home, you have to make a number of decisions. You will have to choose from among a half dozen different mortgage types available to you. Regardless of which type of mortgage you choose, you’ll be faced with another question: should I pay points?

Promoting affordable housing for all Alabamians is the Alabama Housing Finance Authority’s primary goal. I believe teaching you to be an informed home buyer is just as important as offering you assistance through various AHFA programs. I’m confident the information in “Building Blocks to Homeownership” will be invaluable to you. Please use it as your reference guide as you make important decisions regarding one of the most significant purchases you’ll ever undertake.

Alabama Housing Finance Authority

Do you dream of owning a home? Do you think you cannot afford it? The Alabama Housing Finance Authority has helped more than 100,000 families achieve their dream of owning a home. We offer a variety of loan programs that fit the needs of many buyers. AHFA enables low-to-moderate income buyers to purchase a home with low interest rates and down-payment assistance, not to mention the generous sales price and income limits make qualifying easy.

The Hidden Costs in Home Buying - Charges that aren’t listed on the estimated statement are the topic of today’s article. Specifically, home inspection costs. The home inspection is a vital step in the home buying process.

The Hidden Costs in Home Buying

Thinking about buying a home? We have information that can help! U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

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10 Steps to a Stress Free Home Buying Experience - After years of helping Tennessee Valley home buyers find their new home, I have noticed that a definite pattern of success exists. Over the years I have relayed this “stress free” process to my clients and those who followed the advice have had amazingly easy and enjoyable times house hunting. For those who didn't...

10 Steps to a Stress Free Home Buying Experience

5 things to do when you move into your new home:

TOP 10 Buyer contract contingencies in Huntsville, Madison, Hampton Cove, Owens Cross Roads, AL

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama — As president of MarketGraphics SouthEast, Rob Hale gives a lot of presentations and distributes a lot of data about the state of the housing market, a job that’s often gloomy during the economic uncertainties. In recent years, his company’s conclusions about real estate, based on field inventories of subdivisions, have been known to “suck the oxygen out of a room,” as he said Thursday morning. His current findings about the Huntsville...

How do I get a break on property taxes on my home? The homestead exemption is one of several property tax breaks offered to homeowners by the State of Alabama. Other exemptions are available to homeowners who are over 65 years old, or 100 percent disabled, or blind, or who meet income guidelines. Here’s how it works...

How do I get a break on property taxes on my home?

Don’t ask for a basement home in Madison County, Alabama - Over the years I’ve noticed that when families move into the south from the north they are continually surprised that wedon’t have many basement homes around here. Usually I can tell where they are moving from, because one of the first things they as for is a basement.

Do you have a C.L.U.E.®? With all of the tornado activity in North Alabama last year, it’s easy to see why potential home buyers may be a little skeptical about the condition of homes they may be considering for purchase. In addition to tornados, it’s also well known, by any homeowner in Madison County, that we get more than our fair share of hail storms. Add the third peg to our stool, Alabama is a “Buyer Beware” state and does not require a seller’s disclosure, and you can easily see...

What Does it Mean to Buy and Bail? “Buying and bailing” refers to the act of buying a second property and allowing a first home to fall into foreclosure. Homeowners who purchase second properties in this scenario are typically “upside down” on their primary residence, meaning they owe more on their first home than it is worth in the current market. It’s likely that they had an adjustable rate mortgage and their monthly mortgage payment grew to a payment they could no longer afford...

First Time Home Buyer: Most people probably can’t afford to pay more than the required monthly mortgage payment, but if they can how does that work? And, can it really save you money in the long run?

First Time Home Buyer: What do you think the average first time homeowner doesn’t know, but should, about buying a home?

Home Improvement Lists Should Include Landscaping - With real estate values down across the U.S., it is important for homeowners to do what they can to try to improve property values, and the effect of trees on property values is often overlooked. Most articles that focus on the return on investment of home improvements list kitchens and bathrooms. Although improving these areas of your home can yield good returns on investment, these improvements can also be quite costly and...

Are Relocation House Purchases a Good Deal? A lot of people ask, “Are relocation house purchases a good deal?” If you’re asking this question, you are most likely interested in purchasing a house from a relocation company. By buying a house from a relocation firm, often called a ôrelo,ö you can get a good deal if you take a few precautions as you go through the home buying process.