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Megan Clements
Megan Clements
Megan Clements

Megan Clements

Chapter by chapter activities for Story of the World, Volume 1, Ancient Times.

Rainbow Hair Color Ideas | POPSUGAR Beauty. Dark red hair with blue highlights.

Guess How Many Fish

DIY Beauty: From Brown Hair to Bright Red Hair (Easy Steps, No Pre-Lightening)

  • 馃尰Kim Alarc贸n馃尰

    I dye my hair every 3 months and the dye is from Walmart and it's no mixing. I put oils and curl my hair every day and I have no split ends and it's super shiny. I went to the salon once to bleach the bottom of my ends and they had split ends and I cut them off and swore I'll never go to a salon for bleaching or anything. only the ones that know know how to take care of their hair and also I take a shower every day and I never skip one just to keep those "dirty natural oils"

  • Ariel Jacobson

    I don't see an issue with doing your hair at home if you invest in a good dye and you REALLY know what you're doing. Going to a hairstylist doesn't always equal a better result. I've been to some terrible hairstylists. And some great ones, too.

  • Ariel Jacobson

    Either way, do your research and don't go cheap.

  • mangokittty

    I dyed my hair from a medium dark brown to a red myself and it looked fantastic it was the first time I ever dyed my hair too and I got a red one from Dillion's and it didn't mess my hair up either I kept dyeing my hair red every month or so and everytime it got brighter and better

  • 馃尰Kim Alarc贸n馃尰

    That's what I love to do too it does get brighter the red color. I always do my research and my mom is a college medical nurse so she knows the things to stay away from and what ingredients are okay. It's all about the research guise.

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Baby Bingo Nautical Theme Baby Shower Game Cards

The Backpack Wall...I love the big black and white photo above the backpacks!

Rhyothemis fuliginosa- yes I know its not a butterfly- but i love dragonflies too

  • Becky Lawson


  • Zen Poett

    The colors and shading are stunning! When I see them flying around their colors look pretty enough, but it isn't until they're photographed in a stationary position that you truly appreciate just how beautiful they are. Thank you so much for sharing this pin! :)