Bedroom Entrance

Bookshelf closet doors Picture is for Inspiration only. Comes from a home that is for sale.

hidden room in bookcase!

Bookshelf closet doors! Smart!

Secret room! Bookcases mounted on French doors.


secret bookcase door

Secret Door

hidden door

hidden door

secret stone door - check this page for a pic of the door closed. Undetectable.

Lavish secret door. For the palace

Han Solo frozen in carbonite secret door for $150

Secret door behind billiard cue rack

ring with secret door

secret door

Secret bookshelf door

a secret door in paneling with a mirror!

Secret door love.

The secret hiding place. YES!

I totally want a secret room!!

Secret playroom? My kids will be getting one of these someday for sure. Or maybe I will have a secret nap room instead for me.

Storage hiding storage? I have always been a sucker for secret doors

secret tunnels at Disney

secret book shelf door