Maple apple pie

Love the Lattice work; recipe has you pre-roast the apples so you don't have any space between your top crust and filling. No need to use thickening gel. Link to template for the lattice crust here as well.

Lemon Thyme Pancakes with Blueberry Sauce

I am a spinster. A library worker. An only child. A movie going fiend. A House head. A lover of beautiful things. A fat chick. A stan for Daniel Craig, Michael Fassbender AND Coco Chanel. I am 43 years old. I am a reader of romance novels AND I adore...

lemon ricotta pancakes with blackberry syrup. lemon ricotta pancakes. pancakes. lemon. ricotta. blackberry syrup. blackberry. breakfast. brinner. brunch.

Pie is without a doubt the perfect dessert, but there's just something about baking a pie that screams one thing and one thing only, "I have something to prove!" You could just have easily baked cupcakes for everyone to enjoy, or maybe even purchased

lemon poppy seed cake with blackberry vanilla bean buttercream

It seems I’m a little smitten with berry buttercreams and pink cakes recently. I’ve never been super girly, maybe it’s my subconscious trying to work that out in cake form? Either…

Pansy Petal Pancake Crepe Recipe - Beautiful Cooking with Edible Flowers

Pansy Petal Pancake Crepe Recipe - Beautiful Cooking with Edible Flowers

Sweet Buttered Polenta Pancakes with Fresh Summer Berries

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