How to Melt Sidewalk Ice : Don’t spend money on store bought de-icers, use this frugal tip instead: Sprinkle baking soda onto your porch/sidewalk/steps and the ice will melt away! Using this method is also safer for wood and concrete as opposed to store bought methods

How to Melt Sidewalk Ice

Try this little trick to easily remove labels off of anything. Just stick them in the water with oxy clean and they float right up to the surface.

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Fantastic Cleaning DIY – Homemade Goo Gone Recipe #DIY #Crafts #cleaning

Fantastic Cleaning DIY – Homemade Goo Gone Recipe - DIY & Crafts

submerge wet nails in cold water for 3 minutes. The polish will dry completely, and it gets rid of any that got onto your skin! This is life-changing

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"Baking soda neutralizes the ph in the soil and nothing will grow there. use baking soda around all of the edges of flower beds to keep the grass and weeds from growing into beds. Just sprinkle it onto the soil so that it covers it lightly. Do this twice a year - spring and fall."

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Frozen whipped cream for hot chocolate.

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First get a bucket of warm water, not to hot, with a cup full of epsom salt. Allow salt to dissolve before placing your feet inside. Once the salt has dissolved, place your feet inside of the water, allow to soak for up to 30 minutes. 2 Remove feet from water after 30 minutes. Scrub gently with toothbrush to remove all loose, dry skin. This only takes a small amount of time. The skin should be very easy to remove. Rinse feet with water and pat dry with towel.

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use a drill to make a polka dotted carved pumpkin. so cute for next year

Pumpkin Carving

Slice banana into thin chips, dip in lemon juice, and spread on a cookie sheet. Bake for 2 hours @ 200 degrees and flip. Bake for another 1.5-2 hours or until crisp. Homemade banana chips!

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Glue a rock to the top of a empty pill bottle, bury the bottle so that only the rock shows. A spare key is hidden inside!

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recycled jars that look ilke mushrooms! too cute.

upcycled Fliepi

DIY Produce Rinse - A simple solution that eliminates 98% of bacteria on produce. Used by Cooks Illustrated Kitchens.

Camp Wander: DIY Produce Rinse - Why it's Time to Start

Good old Martha taught us that rather than buying those ridiculously expensive anti-slip mats for a rug, just turn it over and run a few lines of acrylic-latex caulk every 6 inches or so. Let dry and flip over and your rug wont be going anywhere!

Tips and Tricks- Part 2!

Put peel & stick tile under your sink cabinets

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Clean Hardwood Floors Use boiling water and two teabags to clean hardwood floors. The tannic acid in tea creates a beautiful shine for hardwood floors. Let two teabags steep in the boiling water for a few minutes. Pour the tea into a bucket. Take a soft cloth and wring it out in the tea. The cloth merely needs to be damp, not soaked. This will enable the floor to dry quickly. Wash the floor and be ready to be amazed by the sheen.

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A small piece of plastic wrap can make all the difference when packing. Never thought about this!

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Make glass sets from old bottles, using a glass cutting technique with yarn, nail polish remover and a flame! I smell an XMAS present for all my newly-of-age friends!!

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Natural Tick deterrent for human use: 1 part tea tree oil to 2 parts water in a spray bottle and spray it on - particularly shoes, socks, or cuffs of pants

Homemade Tick Repellent | eHow

Oatmeal Smoothie.

Oatmeal Smoothies

DIY - This is a neat basket to put your fresh picked veggies in. Once they are in the basket just turn the hose on them to rinse them off - I'm thinking bigger though.

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Make your own napkins using fat quarters - easy-peasy!

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This "oil cleaning method" for washing your face is so much like the Mary Kay product I use - think I'll try!

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I want to make this. another pinner said: i've heard from a lot of people that this is the best lotion ever. finally found the recipe :)

Homemade Hand Cream

DIY: holder for charging cell phone (made from lotion bottle)

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Easy way to make washable dog bed - great pattern, pretty clear instructions

inspiration and realisation: DIY fashion blog: cheap&chic pet bed