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Take a Photo Every Day For a Year

Bucket list: document my life by taking a photo every day for a year! One way to do this would be to take a selfie everyday for a year to see all of the places you've been.

New Seven Wonders of the World vs. Ancient Seven Wonders Have been to Niagra Falls multiple times =)

Christ Redeemer - Brazil Great Wall of China - China Machu Picchu - Peru Petra - Jordan Pyramid at Chichen Itzá - Mexico Roman Colosseum - Rome, Italy Taj Mahal - Agra, India

Bucket list

I've gone behind a smallish waterfall. I would love to walk behind a big waterfall.

Bucket list

Name a Star

Awesome first anniversary gift idea - "When I get married I want my husband to buy me a star for our first anniversary gift cause it's on paper"

Bucket list: dress up and take a pinup-style photo.

Take a Pinup-Style Photo

Done. as a wedding present to Johnny. would have done a photo shoot like this for Weston before the wedding if I had felt better about my body. Once my goal is accomplished this Is happening!

Bucket list

Most of the time, when I wish at I wish for the same thing. It'd be nice if it came true but I doubt it will. But one day I will wish for something different and it will come true.


Throw a penny on Ben Franklin's grave in Christ Church Burial Ground. When I was stationed there, people put pennies on his grave. I don't remember the significance of throwing a penny - but there is a superstition (only pennies).

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