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Leopard Cub

Sleepy Leopard Cub - I want a leopard!

Siberian Tiger Cubs

The Siberian tiger. They can weigh up to 660 pounds with males growing up to more than ft from head to tail. This photo shows brother Siberian tiger cubs playing hide and seek. (Helen E.

Baby tigers.

The True Meaning Of Friendship, baby tiger cubs


Beautiful Bobcat by *Yellowstoned - look at those gorgeous eyes

Tiger Eyes

Tiger Eyes ~I've got the eye of a tiger, fighter dancing through the fire.a cherished moment, to see through her eyes to hear what your heart of hearts was telling me.

I'm right behind you, Mama.

I absolutely love giraffes! On my first family vacation ever, I was able to actually go in a pen with giraffes and pet/ feed them. I thought they were so interesting and loved them ever since.

25 Of The Cutest Parenting Moments In The Animal Kingdom | Bored Panda

A tiny lion cub and two lionesses take a walk in the Masai Mara, Kenya. Acccording to the photographer this cub was the smallest of its siblings and always stayed close to the lionesses. Photo by David Lazar.

Ross Couper

This young elephant calf was deserted and adopted by another female elephant ~Ross Couper Photographer

AMAZING: 25 Wonderful Parenting Moments in the Animal World That Went Viral

Funny pictures about 25 Of The Best Parenting Moments In The Animal Kingdom. Oh, and cool pics about 25 Of The Best Parenting Moments In The Animal Kingdom. Also, 25 Of The Best Parenting Moments In The Animal Kingdom photos.

Baby Elephants

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