Steampunk and Victorian Era: Airships

Recopilación de vehículos aéreos, especialmente de estilo steampunk.
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Miyazaki inspirations, dope

DRAGONSHIP 2 by ~studio-octavio on deviantART

Zeppelin Stuff | ∆ + 0 / 9

Propnomicon: November 2011

steam punk tech

Steampunk airship by Edward J. “Skeeter” Wachtendonk Sr. Flying Dutchman Co. This is a metal and fabric airship sculpture the lights inside the Zeppelin illuminate and a motor with numerous gears animate, move, paddle, spin and turn just about everything on the ship.

Steampunk airshipby ~Sereniti-Dragonheart

Steampunk Airship by Andrew Forrester

Strangers' Journey: 1930: Real Cardington

Airship by YongSub Noh #Steampunk #Airship

Airship pirates!

亗 Dr. Emporio Efikz 亗 blog | Steampunk Airship - U. Zeidler



Keith Donald

steampunk dirgible

Steampunk thought by Alexandre Trevisan, via Behance

Hot air balloon design... Martin Bergquist

Airship Sketch

Airship by Alexey Starodumov, via Behance

Benjamin Carre

Steampunk Airship by ~bronxboy53 on deviantART

亗 Dr. Emporio Efikz 亗 blog | Steampunk Airship - U. Zeidler