Porcelain Rocket builds functional, lightweight, finely crafted bicycle gear for everyday commuters to the expedition cyclotourist. Whether you are after a custom pack for your city cruiser, storage solutions for your cargo bike, or a complete kit for your next bikepacking adventure, you will find it at Porcelain Rocket.

Custom Bicycle Bags | By Porcelain Rocket

Surly bicycle loaded with Porcelain Rocket bike bags // Frame, seat, handlebar, accessory, big dummy packs

JCruz's Rob English folding 2-9 bike in backpacking configuration.

JCruz's Rob English folding bike in backpacking configuration. Good 'off road' set up but probably too minimalist for longer than 2 - 4 day trip !

Surly Ogre / Porcelain Rocket / Bikepacking

My Surly Ogre in full travel mode with Rohloff hub and Porcelain Rocket bags.

AlpKit Bikepacking Bags

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How to make a bike frame bag - bikepacking

The frame bag is the most basic piece of bike luggage; here’s how to plan, design, and construct a simple frame bag for bikepackng and bike touring.

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Surly Pugsley with a full Bikepacking load

Surly Pugsley with a full Bikepacking load. I can see another fat bike looking like this.