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world in eyes

world in eyes

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p.a. & co | stockholm


so sweet

I wanna go on the road trip with you cause I know wed have the best adventure ever! ...but dont you ever put your feet on the dash board!!! ...I care too much for your safety for me to allow this! ;)


idaho cowboys

saddle shoes


The Beatles Eyes.

rain by Meta Wraber

a dollface teacup persian....

Painted Elephant. First off its my favorite animal.. Second it's my favorite thing.. Art. And there you have it's BEAUTY.

The Spanish Steps, Rome, Italy

long life - many memories, much expereince, a lot to contribute; if we included old people into society more, we would all gain so much I do not understand this society that shuns the elderly. I adore them, they teach us so much

View this collection of famous Mother Teresa Quotes about God, love, poverty, giving and serving others.Mother Teresa devoted her entire life...

Saudade was once described as "the love that remains" after someone is gone. Saudade is the recollection of feelings, experiences, places or events that once brought excitement, pleasure, well-being, which now triggers the senses and makes one live again. I dig this a lot.

YAY best friends!

Look at that face!

If only those stupid drawings I drew on my hand when I was bored in class ever looked like this...

Finger drawings by Judith Braun

A black silver dapple tobiano Gypsy Vanner. Check out those dapples!

purple owl