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Books: That Empower you to SUCCESS

Books: That Empower you to SUCCESS

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Really helped me figure out how to capture my ideas, tasks, and projects all in one place(I use evernote)

Love this book!


Make yourself indispensable.

Test yours...


That's YOU !

Everyone has all of the undeveloped potential needed for incredible success. It was hardwired into your DNA at creation! Despite our massive potential for success, few people will even come close to being all they could be! Every one of us has had more than enough inspirational ideas to solve all the problems in our lives and create substantial wealth. The problem is, we were wired for success at creation, but we have been programmed for failure by the world around us.

Connecting is Not Optional

Mr. Shmooze: The Art and Science of Selling Through Relationships - Richard Abraham - FANTASTIC BOOK On Building Relationships

The Noticer: Sometimes, all a person needs is a little perspective FANTASTIC Book! - this site gves recommendations of books based on books you've read/rated.

Is it strange that I read books like this for fun? Find out if you are fixed or growth mindset and how to change it. Thank you Scott Toombs for the suggestion

Two questions... 1)Are you using Social Media? 2)Are you using it PROPERLY? Read Gary Vaynerchuk's book to learn how to really use social media

A great book to help you understand why "WHY" is such an important question and must be answered for success

Tell Me Something Good! A great book to build a culture in your office

Just read one small section a month and by the end of the year your life will have changed!

This is not a salesperson book - this is a life and relationship book

How to Win Friends and Influence People

The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Solutions Into Massive Success by Jeff Olson (Book Review)

Three Reasons Every Professional Should Carry a Notebook - Gary Keller, KellerINK, mrea, notebooks, best business practices

In High Trust Selling, Todd Duncan motivates people to find meaning and fulfillment in what they're doing so they can connect with clients, form personal relationships, and turn the day-to-day sales job into an exciting and spectacular career.

Make a unique presence for yourself by following the methods in this book for the best marketing strategies.

For any entrepreneur or salesperson, writing a great sales letter is an absolute requirement. This book provides methods and strategies for writing that perfect sales letter and building a customer database.

What Gladwell refers to as sociological epidemics can start out as simple ideas or products that end up making a huge splash, changing everything from how we think to what we think we know.