Be nice to everyone, sociable with many, intimidate with a few, friend to one. And enemy to no one.

Usted y su estúpida mania de ser todo lo que a mi gusta. Fer Dichter Du und deine blöde Angewohnheit, all das zu sein, was mir gefällt!

Jajaja es verdad, "There are people that deserve a high five, in the face, with a chair

Quotes in Spanish ~ Frases en Espanol

quotes julio cortazar "It always takes a little longer than it should"

La gente es gente no esperes más

"Decide what you don’t care about and learn how to run those parts of your life “on autopilot.” Don't waste your mental energy on things that you consider unimportant, save it for those decisions, activities, and people that matter most to you.