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Lol. So true!

Keepers are life! I am a soccer keeper and I love having the team on my shoulders!

OMG! I CAN HAVE MY MOTORCYCLE AND TAKE THE KIDS AT THE SAME TIME!!!! Snaefell motorcycle sidecar combines biking in car luxury | Designbuzz : Design ideas and concepts

An interesting take on the old side"car"! :) Snaefell motorcycle sidecar combines biking in car luxury


Concept vehicle (essentially a one-wheeled motorcycle) - RYNO Motors Micro-Cycle omg! i want this!


Watercar Phyton is the fastest amphibious vehicle. It can jet along at 60 mph on water, and on.

i cannot control this laughter. << they want an el dorado movie starring Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston. I need this movie to be a thing that happens. This thing needs to be. <--- I would so watch that movie!

Harley Davidson

Car culture is massive, in fact there are 750 million motor vehicles in the world today. But what about their two wheeled counterpart? Saddle up on your metal horse and enjoy this collection of epic motor cycles.

Gallardo V-Rod That's gorgeous technology - probably has a throttle response that will completely rattle your cage when you screw it on. Beautiful design.

Most Expensive Luxury Sports Cars in The World 10 Great Analog Sports Cars -PopMech Sweet black and white bike**))

Never go full derp…

Meet Princess Monster Truck, an interesting looking cat with a story to tell. Princess Monster Truck was found “tumbling out…

Minions haha! @O.B. Wellness Amanda & @Stefanie W W W W W W W W W W W Parker

Making Fun of the Batman. Batman is so easy to laugh at. even if he is an awesome superhero! is so funny XD pics) (check out all photos)