75+ New Must-Have Photos With Your Groom

Here it is ! You're table settings, white linen tablecloths w/burlap runner, plain white chairs and if you look close they're flowers in mason jars (we'd use silk ones) and lanterns on the table, I would not put the big vases of baby breathes on the table

didn't know where to pin this but i thought it was nice...I am so glad i didn't have to ask my bridesmaid to hold my dress while i peed but that would really be a true bond later in life ....would't it? lol

Parents' Picture! Maybe not with the kissing. I have no idea about Chris's parents, whether their still together or not, but I can say with absolute certainty, Aunt Patty and Uncle Kelly won't be doin' any kissing.

The sun behind them is cute and I love how the photo was taken to include just enough background to make it interesting but it does not distract from the main subject. and they lived happily ever after,here comes the bri

Weddings are supposed to be fun, joyous events. That is, if it's not your father's wedding to a woman you've never met. Hadley travels from the US all the way to England, not because she wants to go to her father's wedding, but because she has to.

To remember: the groom writes on the bride's shoes before the wedding. The bride doesn't peek until putting them on right before walking down the aisle. Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Lowrie I'm trusting you to ensure this happens!:)

said by the narcissist who was dumped within a month (or so) - a double rebound guy, that was placed at the back burner, who can be laughed at when he innocently slips on ice seems pretty fantastic. . ."said no one ever" but a narcissist!

Pull away! Love!! I think Jess & Austin need to have this pic with the siblings!!! Bahaha...or at least me pulling her away! haha ;)

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