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Wish all dogs were protected in a kennel like this if owner must leave them out for periods of time. 8 x 12 Dog Kennel

This is seriously cooool!

Reclaimed rustic pallet furniture dog bowl stand pet feeding station with 3 brand new stainless steel bowls. 29 1/2" L X 12" W X 11" T

3 bowl Dog Feeder Reclaimed rustic pallet furniture dog bowl stand pet by Kustomwood

the dog house sofa by seungji mun. I love how cute this is but my little poo poo is more likely to be on my lap.. Maybe when he has a nap..:)

15 Unconventional Dog Houses

TV set -> dog house DIY -- would be cute for Chloe

Feline Interior Design

Feline Interior Design - Wall-Climbing Home Decor For the Stylish Cat Owner (GALLERY)

The litter box is hidden inside a cabinet that seals the odor and provide some privacy to the kitties while doing their business. The idea of separating compartment and mesh is to scrape litter off the cat's claw before they exit the litter box. And the vertical ones works the same way as the horizontal ones except the kitty have to go "downstairs" instead of just to the adjacent room.

11 Cats With Better Apartments Than Yours

Ever since I saw a "catio" on My Cat From Hell, I've wanted to do this!

Haha...I would buy this for my cats.... or build it, since it would need to be strong enough not to break if the boys climbed on it....which they would, I'm sure.

Backseat dog bed. Looks comfy...I think My dogs would love it!!!