this is a great inspiration for ideas for cob house windowsills.

this is a great inspiration for ideas for cob house windowsills. i love all the light and the arched window areas

and more mud "Bottz group"

Add branch for "trunk" with cob branches; or Built-in Cob bookcase and more mud "Bottz group"

wow sweet cob home nirvikalpa: “ “What is Cob?” Cob is a traditional building technique using clay, sand, straw and water- wet enough to shape, yet dry enough to build up without forms. The clay acts.


There are a few natural buildings that stand out in my mind as some of the most beautiful examples. One of them is Meka’s cob cottage. Meka Bunch of Wolf Creek, Oregon built this stunning cob house over a four


love the window seat, cozy nooks.This is a shot of a window seat and the deep-welled windowsill, as well as a cute little cubbyhole in a wall of a straw bale house. Straw bale construction is gaining ground in the sustainable building products industry.

An owner-built, mortgage-free straw bale home on the Oregon Coast.

I really love the way the tree slices are used to create a deck. Linda Smiley's Laughing House at Dusk (At Cob Cottage Complex in Coquille, Oregon)

This home on Cedar Road is the only straw-bale house in the Cleveland area. Note the large overhangs and deep porch. They provide additional protection for the thick clay/mud mixture walls from the elements.

Straw-bale house a first in Cleveland area: Full House

Unique straw-bale house is included in upcoming Heights Heritage Home and Garden Tour.

This is one of a collection of six beautiful interiors of cob homes around the world at

from 'A Pattern Language' by Alexander. Everyone loves window seats, bay windows and big windows with low sills. A room without a place like this seldom allows you to feel fully comfortable. This is the cob window seat from Meka’s cob cottage


This is a small strawbale studio in West Virginia. It is designed to absorb the sun’s heat in winter and stay nice and cool in summer…passively. The outside walls are built with super insulating.

Straw bale house in Ontario

Straw bale house in Ontario Joyce - this house is made out of straw so it couldn't of cost a lot of money - they are reusing some of the resources ( I think) -

According to fire safety tests conducted by the National Research Council of Canada, bale walls withstood temperatures up to 1,850 degrees for two hours.

Expert Advice on Straw Bale Construction - Green Homes

Strawbale Living and Dining Room - contemporary - living room - denver - Robert Hawkins

Zen Ranch: A Colorado Straw Bale Home

Zen Ranch: A Colorado Straw Bale Home

Zen Ranch: A Colorado Straw Bale Home by Todd Young - nearby San Luis Valley